Network Dynamics Associates provides strategic direction to Investors, Tech firms and Governments seeking to direct transformative ideas and technologies that yield inspiring, actionable and bankable change.



Fast, thorough, and politically astute due diligence, strategic turnarounds and acquisition planning.

Technology Companies

Technology Companies

Business concept design, validation and market intelligence for strategic transformation and growth.

Public Sector

Public Sector

Improving public sector performance through smarter information technology and program strategies.

Recent engagements



NDA recently completed a comprehensive service concept study for next-generation vehicle connectivity for a Tier 1 Automotive OEM, anticipating how vehicles will become integral nodes on the Internet, as much a part of the telecom ecosystem as the highway.

For another automaker, we examined how Connected Car information services are intercepting and transforming traditional brand relationships with drivers, demanding a fresh approach to digital services to complement traditional strengths in manufacturing.

Smart Nation / Smart City


For World Bank, we helped define the methodology and service framework for the Bank’s new Smart Nation initiative designed to accelerate digital transformation in emerging economies, including for Kazakhstan’s ambitious Digital Kazakhstan 2020 investment agenda.

NDA has advised dozens of governments planning smart infrastructure projects, including broadband access, crisis management systems, sensors and environmental monitoring, intelligent traffic systems, video monitoring, and more.

Cybersecurity & IoT


NDA led the corporate restructuring of an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity venture providing tokenized command solutions for the U.S. Army’s autonomous vehicle program.  NDA directed the product pivot and redefinition, team and board alignment, market and financial forecasting, investment presentations and negotiations with strategic partners.

Future of Telecom


NDA has a 25-year track record advising service providers, vendors, investors, policy makers and regulators on advancing telecom ecosystems and social change. Access still matters and progressive spectrum and competitive entry policy is fundamental to catalyzing digital services growth.  At the same time, over-the-top (OTT) services like video, payments, digital currency, location and social media define the new horizon for telecom services.


For Afghanistan, we wrote the immensely successful national telecom and Internet policy.  For Cameroon, we advised the government on opening the mobile market to greater competition.  For one of the largest mobile operators in Asia, we co-led a Blue Ocean innovation strategy to define new services combining user behavior, presence, big data and advanced analytics.

ICT4D & E-Government


NDA has developed whole-of-government and sector transformation strategies through digital technology in over 35 emerging and frontier markets spanning public policy, project definition, multi-stakeholder negotiations, technology and service platforms, investment modeling, public-private-partnerships and procurement.

Projects addressing telecom infrastructure, smart cities, shared services, data centers, public health, Cybersecurity, environmental monitoring, emergency operations and response, rail and utility networks, central banking, smart cards, rural broadband, national ICT and Smart Nation strategies.

“Government-as-a-platform” is an emerging paradigm for governments to embrace technology interventions that ensure social and economic development objectives are achieved through shared infrastructure, facilities, investment incentives and public-private-partnerships.



NDA designed U.S. technical assistance for Sichuan Province’s Regional Healthcare Information Network following the disastrous Wenchuan Earthquake, a ground-breaking initiative to speed delivery of virtualized healthcare services that catalyzed a $50 million investment by Cisco.

We separately conducted an in-depth assessment of national public healthcare data standards in China, and prepared a forward-looking study on the potential for trans-border trade in telemedicine and healthcare virtualization services.

Emergency Management


NDA specified U.S. Congressional assistance that helped establish the national crisis management centers and coastal warning systems in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, as well as emergency medical operations programs in China.  For the 26-nation “Pacific Endeavor” exercise and Multinational Communications Interoperability Program, we designed engagement protocols to improve military-civilian cooperation during large-scale disasters through ICT, forming bridges for information sharing between Asia-Pacific militaries and the UN system, global humanitarian community and industry.

We have also been involved in numerous national-level emergency operations projects targeting incident management and decision support, critical infrastructure protection, environmental monitoring, flood management, hazaradous waste transportation, and others.

Clean Tech


NDA helped a renewable energy project developer in Japan refine its marketing story and value proposition, and shared the mandate to co-lead outreach to major institutional investors with a global investment bank.

Social Impact Ventures


NDA has helped evaluate and finance socially impactful biotech, medical device, clean tech and clean energy opportunities on behalf of funds, family offices and angel investors seeking investment opportunities that make a difference. As humanity’s social and environmental challenges mount, the call for conscious investing is clear. We help entrepreneurs and project sponsors refine their message, assemble communities of like-minded partners, and develop market-oriented solutions that promote measurable social and environmental change.

About us

We help smart people solve difficult problems.  Our clients in over 50 countries since 1992 include some of the most creative leaders in technology, public policy and digital service innovation.


NDA brings the technical proficiency, market insights and strategic nuance required to innovate and accelerate growth in both advanced information economies and emerging markets worldwide.


We design new businesses at the convergence of networks, applications and continuously evolving social demand.

Tech companies
and entrepreneurs

We match technology potential with fresh business perspective, local market realities and partner ecosystems worldwide.

and multilateral agencies

We develop economic transformation strategies and ICT4D sector investments calibrated to achieve national development objectives.

We see patterns in chaos

Bringing clarity to complexity

Genuine innovation and strategic breakthroughs require freedom of mind and fearless perspective.

Seeing outside of the box literally means learning to see differently.

Widening the field of vision. Becoming aware of what has not been seen.

We love Black Swans

Identifying strategic vacuums that initiate change

We are original thinkers, candid advisors and outstanding communicators who make nascent and abstract concepts accessible.

We create space for ideas to emerge, perceptions to evolve, and teams to focus and succeed.

We build consensus

Listening deeply and forming a common language

Network Dynamics uniquely combines rigorous business analysis with elusive and more expansive consultative skills:

Intuitive visualization, radical awareness and situational instinct.

We know Your Focus Needs More Focus

Facing choices, facing truth

We know how to let the future be the mirror, and to model the choices for getting there.

We see when inertia takes over, when it is hard to see the forest for the trees.

We are informed, diplomatic and firm.

We Build Structures that Scale

Good ideas resonate

“To change an existing paradigm…do not struggle to…change the problematic model…
Create a new model and make the old one obsolete.”

-R. Buckminister Fuller

Key people

Ken Zita

President and Managing Director

Ken Zita is a seasoned consultant, strategist, executive coach, entrepreneur, and public policy advisor who has has been engaged by institutional, financial and government clients in over 50 countries worldwide. He is widely regarded as a visionary on the strategic impacts of information technology on national economic development and designing structures that create new business value and solve complex social transformation challenges.


Ken is expert at articulating business concepts and opportunities across sectors into compelling, defensible and bankable investments. His skills span strategy and opportunity definition, policy planning, business design, multi-party negotiations, investment narratives and documentation, modeling, capital formation, and strategic partnerships, especially for projects that involve structural change and technology risk.


Recent engagements include the turnaround plan for an industrial IoT venture providing cybersecurity to the US Army’s autonomous vehicle program; a detailed concept study on next-generation connected car services for a leading automotive OEM; development of an early stage cloud finance venture targeting trade finance; and the methodology for the World Bank’s “Smart Nation” initiative to accelerate digital transformation and public-private-partnerships in emerging and frontier economies.


Past clients include major corporations and institutions such as AT&T, GE, IBM, Toyota, World Bank, EBRD, the US Government and UN, as well as a wide variety of venture capital, private equity and technology entrepreneurs at the leading edges of innovation.  Through prominent projects in Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine, China and other nations grappling with political unrest and limits to freedom, he has demonstrated that better technology and shared vision can build peace, stability and economic prosperity.


Scott Nisbet

Silicon Valley Practice Leader

Scott Nisbet is widely networked across the IT, software, gaming, automotive, biotech and sustainability sectors and leads Network Dynamics’ presence in Silicon Valley and Bay Area.  He has 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, strategic advisor and project manager and is expert at leveraging technology and new ideas in support of creating, developing and managing global businesses.


He was a pioneer investor and developer of the first cellular phone systems in the United States. He successfully licensed and built-out several cellular phone systems and later sold his holdings to McCaw Cellular and Bell Atlantic. He subsequently was co-founder, Vice President of Business Development and Director of Wireless Gaming at Digital Eclipse Software, one of the largest developers of Nintendo GameBoy Games, and now part of one of the largest independent video game companies inRead More...

the world.


Making use of his previous experience in the cellular industry and contacts with mobile phone manufacturers such as Nokia and operators such Verizon, he helped pioneer the utilization of mobile phones as a new gaming platform. Taking this experience of bringing together different industries to form new platforms, he co-founded the innovative telematics company, CarShield.  Scott is expert at leveraging technology and new ideas in support of creating, launching and managing global businesses.

Christophe Von Rakowski

Europe, Middle East and Africa Practice Leader

Christophe von Rakowski is a world-class technology strategy problem-solver, solution-definer, and architect of innovative digital services enterprises. He is expert in telecom, automotive, cybersecurity and public sector security applications.


Christophe has more than 25 years’ experience in telecom, IT and security in over 50 countries worldwide with project experience in almost all European Countries but also in North Africa (Algeria and Tunisia), East Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi), Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique), in Asia and the Americas. While based in Frankfurt, he has lived in Africa for 15 years.


Christophe led worldwide Sales and Marketing for EADS’ Satellite and Communication division, and similarly for Danet GmbH,Read More...

a Deutsche Telekom affiliate, where he had global responsibility for complex government system projects. He has also held executive sales and managing operational roles at Nortel, Comverse Network Systems, Foxcom Wireless and Nice Systems, championing a wide range of infrastructure projects and technology innovations, and he is principal at Cyber Vision GmbH (former Cyberroute Germany).


Christophe loves to travel with his family and is the proud owner of a staggeringly large wine cellar.

Terry Graham

Asia Pacific Practice Leader

Terence Graham is a senior tech sector analyst and advisor with deep expertise in networking and digital services at the intersection of disruptive technology, government policy, regulation, and shifting competitive patterns in the marketplace.  His current focus in on cloud computing and data centers in Asia and the adoption of shared digital application services to build 21st century information infrastructure.


Terry is especially interested in the interplay between market forces and public policy interventions, the emergence of open source technology ecosystems, and public-private partnerships to promote innovation. He has been instrumental in numerous NDA projects for corporate and government clients, and has been engaged on a variety of projects sponsored by the World Bank, the International Telecommunications Union, the United Nations Development Program, the Asia Read More...

Pacific Economic Cooperation, the Asian Development Bank.


Terry has also served on a number of Hong Kong government committees seeking to boost greater access to information and connectivity. He has been affiliated with the University of Hong Kong since 1997, the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto and Peking University, and has lived in Germany, France and East Africa.  He is a film fanatic, a voracious reader with encyclopedia range and is fluent in Mandarin, German and French. Though he should know better, he still loves to play soccer.